Call to action for blog reviewers, or “Who wants to read a really awesome book?”

So I’m helping my friend, Patrick, with his website (, which is an accompaniment to his book of the same name (Managing Your Doctor). And I’m doing it because he’s my friend, but mostly I’m doing it because the book is:

a) actually a really useful and interesting read; and

b) it contains information that, in our day and age, I think every consumer of health care needs to know.

Now, the word is getting out, but I want to help the word get out more, for him, and honestly for everyone the book could help. Which is everyone.

I’m hoping I can elicit the aid of 5-10 bloggers who will read the book in exchange for a completely honest review in their blog, and a link to his website. If you’re interested in reading a very funny, colloquial, and informative book about medical care in general, with topics like how to find the best care, how to pay less, and things to look for in doctors, hospitals, etc, and then writing a review, please message me.

The book has really awesome tips that most people just don’t know. Tips like, if you have a condition that’s hard to treat or is confusing to your doctors, find a research or teaching hospital to take your case, because the affiliated doctors don’t have the 15-minute-per-patient restriction, and want to devote time to solving puzzles. Or lists of websites to compare local hospitals and their specialties, so that you know where to go if you have a heart emergency, vs. a broken bone. And so many many more useful pieces of info.

And if you don’t want to read a book and blog a review, please still go check out the site (, and even contact Dr. Neustatter with a question about your own medical situation. And comment here to let me know your thoughts.

Thank you, and have a healthy and beautiful day!

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