Redecorating our pop-up camper, or, “NOW sleeping in the woods will be fun!”

Redecorated popupSo, we have this pop-up camper. Honestly, we’re the type people who frequently say “we should take the pop-up this weekend” before sitting for the night watching movies, on the couch in the living-room, remote firmly planted in hand. But we like the concept of the pop-up, and we take it out oh, maybe 4-5 times a year. Or 3-4 times a year. Something like that. Usually for one night. Sometimes two.
Redecorated pop-upBut still, it was ugly, and even for the 5 or 6 nights a year I was sleeping in it, I found it an undesireable place to be. Not homey. More sort of anti-homey. Fake wood cabinets, ugly pale vinyl floor, kinda plaid, brown, scratchy fabric seats. Like a place you’d pay someone to not sleep in.

So I figured I’d make it lovely, and then we’d use it lots and lots. So I painted the cabinets, and re-covered all of the seats, and created new curtains, and got matching bedspreads, and now it’s truly beautiful. Do I think we’ll camp 15 times a year now? Well, no. But when we do, I feel at home.

Post photos of your redecorated pop-ups.

(Note: I don’t have “before” pictures because I am seemingly incapable of remembering to take pictures of a project until it’s done. But google any old camper, and you’ll see the inescapable pervasive ugliness they seem destined to possess. Maybe I should get a job with Fleetwood or Winnebago or someone, and make them pretty from the get-go. Any readers work for Fleetwood? Gimme a heads-up, I’ll shoot my resume right over.)

2 thoughts on “Redecorating our pop-up camper, or, “NOW sleeping in the woods will be fun!”

  1. This looks amazing! If you have time, please visit my newest blogpost ‘Autumn Picks’ as I think you may like it! Thank you ❤

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