Searchable Photo Database Solution, or “I’ll just inundate everyone with posts!”

Ok, so I want to create a searchable database of photos, so people who need a free photo of, say, an alpaca, can come and use mine. Because I love it when other people have free images I can use. A big, free, communist photo world. But WordPress doesn’t have photo tagging capabilities … they all go into one big mess of images (be it a gallery, portfolio project, or whatever), as far as I can tell. sites have some plug-ins that let you tag images, but this is, and so that’s a no-go.

Well, my solution is clunky but it works. If I make each image a blog post, each image can have tags, categories, etc. It’ll all be searchable.  My words will get lost in the sea of photos, and if I post 10 a day I’ll still be posting my current stock of photos in a year (not to mention the new photos I take between now and then). But hey, my words aren’t that exciting anyway, and I can get 10 posted during an episode of Chopped, easy.

If anyone out there knows a more elegant solution, please let me know! I’ll buy you a cookie. 🙂 (Ok, I probably won’t, unless you live near me. But I will say thank you very publicly.)

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