This is cute! Or, ‘I am so behind the times!’

So Peregrine and I are picking out a few t-shirts for Corwin.
Me: This one’s cute, with the mad cat.
Peregrine: That’s grumpy cat.
Me: Yeah, I can see that.
Peregrine: I don’t know if Corwin likes grumpy cat.
Me: But it’s cute, he’ll like THIS grumpy cat.
Peregrine: That’s the only grumpy cat, mom.
Me: No, online, there are thousands of cat pictures. Aren’t a lot of them ‘grumpy’?
Peregrine: Maybe, but that IS grumpy cat.
Me: Like the ONLY ‘grumpy cat’?
Peregrine: Yes, mom. (sigh)
Me: So Corwin knows THIS specific cat picture?
Peregrine: Yes, mom. Everybody knows that specific cat picture. Everybody knows that is grumpy cat, mom. Everybody but you.

The internet is weird. And it was a cute cat. But according to Peregrine you all already know that.

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