Can I ask a favor from you all? It’ll take a little bit of time …

So I put together a website portfolio, so that when I begin to apply for jobs (not until I graduate with my A.A.S. degree in Information Systems Technology), I can direct potential employers to my website instead of handing them a big stack of papers.

This format allows me to include many pieces of information about me, but in a (hopefully) manageable and easily-navigated manner, so that employers can zoom in on the areas that are personally relevant to them, and ignore (or skim) the rest.

Would you all please consider spending 5 or 10 minutes looking over my website, and letting me know where you see the need for improvement, either in design or in the information I present? I would greatly appreciate any critiques, positive and negative, so that I can get a good idea of what generally works, and what generally doesn’t, for a potential audience.

Thanks, to those who are willing!  Here is the link:

6 thoughts on “Can I ask a favor from you all? It’ll take a little bit of time …

  1. Hi:
    I like this website. It seems to suit your and your potential employer’s needs. It is attractive and laid out very logically. It is easy to navigate. The writing samples and graphic designs are appealing. (I got stuck on some of your writing for a while. It was quite engaging). On your writing samples, I like how you explain the rationale for the different styles you use. On your magazine article and graphic designs, it was fairly easy to see how to make the print appear larger – good.
    Two thoughts:
    When you first click on it, an ad popped up.
    I wonder if a “return to main page” button might make the navigation a bit easier
    Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much for looking!

      I had thought about the “Home Page” button, but I figured that since all the navigation is on the other pages, it might not be necessary … but I think you’re right. People expect one. I just have to figure out where to put it…. hmmm…

      As for the ad, right now, the page is on a free web hosting site … I won’t use it when I actually am sending this to employers, but that’s good to know … it doesn’t pop up on my computer, lol … they want to hide it from me. But I don’t want that when I’m sending potential hirers there.

      I really appreciate your time!

  2. Your web sites are exceptional and you’re an amazing artist. Employers will no doubt be able to navigate easily and find the information they need presented in a beautiful way.
    The only problem I saw, not as a potential employer but as a general viewer ( and rat lover) is no place to either like or follow your art site or the rat site both of which would bring pleasure to many I’m sure.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  3. Oh, thank you, how sweet! The website ‘links’ aren’t actually links to the sites I created, rather I embedded the code for these sites into this one, so it’s all in the same directory. (I did that so that if the server for one of the linked sites is down, a viewer on this site won’t get an error message).

    The rat site (I love that you’re a rat lover too, they’re such awesome pets!) isn’t even online anywhere, I made it for my web design class, and haven’t actually found a web home for it yet. 🙂

  4. Lara, I did something wrong before and it wouldn’t take my comments. I don’t know much about websites, but think yours looks good. A couple of tiny points/questions: I think you should group your current education info with education rather than after your work history unless you are also working there as a job. Your site is in name Lara Klopp, but transcripts are in other names. I would think viewers would assume that these are in your maiden name or earlier marriage name, but does one usually clarify this? It would also be nice to see some examples of your lovely drawings and paintings in addition to the graphic work. Carol Hull​

  5. Thanks, Carol! I appreciate your suggestions very much. I think you’re right about grouping education/work history, that’s very insightful. I have to assume the transcript name issue is self-explanatory, but like you, I don’t really know how that’s usually done. Because nobody is going to hire me as an artist rather than as a graphic artist, I didn’t show my fine art, but it is showcased in the Lara Klopp Studio page link, so maybe it’ll come through. There are so many things to consider … and I don’t know how these things are usually done. Not, lol, like I ever do things like they are usually done, so maybe that’s a good thing?

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