Art should be everywhere, or, Hey, this is a paintable surface! Why not!?!

So my 1999 Civic with almost 200,000 miles on it recently had a brush with “is it worth it to fix it”, and, even though to a rational person, the answer might have been “NO”, to me (and with the support of my husband), the answer was “YES”. A painful and expensive ‘yes’, but ‘yes’ nonetheless.


So, all repaired and road-worthy once more, I realize, for really and true, this car is going to be with me until it can’t be fixed, Until every last mile it has to give has been given. And what does one do when one realizes this, you ask?  One recognizes that this means … I don’t have to worry about resale value! Woohoo!! Which means I am now a proud creator of an art-car. Well, an “in the process of becoming an art-car car” … there’s work to be done … but we’re on the way!  Progress to follow …


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