Poor excuse for evolution

So, you know when a bug like a beetle gets flipped over on its back and it just lays there waving its legs around in hopeless futility, completely incapable of righting itself without assistance? That seems like a design flaw.

4 thoughts on “Poor excuse for evolution

    1. I hadn’t heard that. I never really thought about it, but we have a million little inchworm things on our deck (I came back from a week away, and our deck was covered with these things and their poop … ewwwww) … and I guess the beetles were like “FEAST!!! WAHOOOO!!!” ’cause they’re everywhere … but one beetle scurried inside when I opened the door to take pictures of an inchworm battle because I’m weird like that, and in trying to return it to the outdoors, I accidentally flipped it over, and it just flailed pathetically. Not sick, I don’t think, but perhaps freaked out …

  1. I think I saw someone say something like this before and googled it and apparently they usually can flip over but when they’re just spazzing out it’s because they’re dying or injured.

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