Love, because …

So, I’ve seen posts that are “a mother’s letter to her gay son” or “to her gay daughter”, proud of him/her, regardless of sexuality, and these posts are wonderful and heartwarming. 

But what about the day when everyone is just “I love my daughter” or “I love my son”, and when our kids bring someone home, it’s not about “Is that a ‘he’ or a ‘she’ ”, or  “Is my kid gay”, but rather “Will you treat my baby ok?” … “Are you worthy of his/her love” … “Will we soon be welcoming you into the family”? 

What about the day when we just see love as love, not as gender, and when we welcome love for the beauty that it is, without having to pronounce the form in which it appears?  I yearn for that day, for the sake of everyone who loves, or ever will.

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