A Self-Portrait a Day, or “As God as my witness, I’ll never be vain again!”

So a friend of mine asked me why my other picture (this one: 


was so serious, and my husband Karl called it dour, so I said “what can I do for a self-portrait that’s not serious or dour?’ and the Mona Lisa seemed fun, so here we go.


Some of you know, as a challenge, I decided to do a self portrait a day, and let me tell you, 27 days in, it is EXCRUCIATING. By December I’m going to be superimposing myself onto a cockroach, making myself into wallpaper, and focussing on freckles and wrinkles and nostrils or something to try, pathetically and with futility, to continue to be interesting.  For today, we get frames and Mona Lisas …

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