JavaScript, I haven’t forgotten you … but the competition for my attention is fierce!

So, I started this blog when I was a) trying to learn about web design, and different website formats, and different web-related programming on my own; and b) trying to get away from the JavaScript I was working on at the time.  So, I figured I’d document my progress in becoming a web designer/computer programmer/…?. 

But, knowing myself as I do, I titled the blog appropriately (meaning, my posts would be all over the place).  It’s not that I don’t finish what I start, because I am very goal-oriented, but more that I am interested in a lot lot lot of things. 

So to update my first two or three loyal followers, who maybe read about my early JavaScript travels, figured I’d do a little part 2.  Last semester, I only ended up in 2 classes, due to my late registration at school; I took a third class through Coursera (which ironically took the most time of the 3).  Independently, I worked my way through HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (though lord knows I have more to learn), and JQuery (ditto).

This semester I’m in 5 classes – intro to computer graphics, computer graphics 1, web design 1, client-side scripting (JavaScript and JQuery), and Database Management.  I considered a Java class as well, but thought maybe I should be really confident in at least one language before I add a different one.  But I am buying the Java book, and I’ll work my way through it independently this semester, so that when I take the class next semester, I’m just building on skills rather than trying to keep afloat.

But it’s sort of nerve-wracking, I gotta say. This is definitely one of those “the more you learn, the more you know you don’t know” subjects … and as much as I kind of love the puzzle-solving nature of programming, it’s also a bit scary to realize how much there is to learn, and how long it’ll take me at this pace to be in any way accomplished.  I guess I’ll just keep plugging along, doing what I can on my own, and taking as many classes as I can manage while still being a full-time mom, wife, etc.

Oh, I found I love databases too.  Why, oh why, is the world so full of interesting stuff to learn?  And people to know, and things to do … sigh.  Back to work …

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