A self-portrait a day, or “my goodness she thinks a lot of herself” …

Why a self portrait a day? Am I just that full of myself?  Well, probably … but that’s not why.  On January 1, I was reading a goodbye post from a blogger/photographer who had posted a picture a day, in order, originally, to learn Photoshop.  And I liked the concept of that, of a goal.  I already take at least a photo a day, and I am working hard to learn the many aspects of Photoshop and its bretheren, so I needed to find a goal that was more styled to what I find intriguing and important.  I like the thought of seeing things from different points of view … one thing, 365 different ways.  And one thing I’m guaranteed to always have on hand is, well, me.

My original intent was to make each photo a record of something to do with the day … was there snow?  Was I looking at ties in Macy’s while waiting for my husband to try on shirts? Did I cast a shadow on an exceptionally bright, sunny, and cold afternoon while walking on a cobblestone path dropping my stepdaughter off at college?  What was that day, to me?  But then I realized my goal is more about just capturing some different aspect of me.  Maybe something I’m not fond of about myself.  If I’m brave, those will come later.  Maybe something I’ve been curious about.  Or something I find fun and intriguing.  Am I willing to show the world me without makeup, or after crying when my face is all puffy and distorted, or when I’m sick or in pain?  Can I capture the joy I feel wearing a ridiculous dress that my husband says I’m too old for?  (Well, at first he said that, then he said I should have fun with it).  Can I become the Mona Lisa, or recreate Marilyn (I wish), or even Dali or Van Gogh?

So now my goal is to just have fun.  To every day find some aspect of this challenge that I haven’t yet explored, and maybe do something I haven’t ever done before.  To be open and honest, or wild and crazy, or just in the moment.  I’m curious to see where I go.  Thanks for sharing even a part of the journey with me.

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