Today I #learned, or “that’s what you get when you go with the low bidder”

Today I learned that if you hire a contractor to install French doors in your bedroom entry, and they install the doors with dummy doorknobs that don’t latch in any way, that you should not pay them until they actually install the kind of doorknobs that are, you know, designed for bedrooms. That say “bed and bath” on them.  The kind of doorknobs which, well, latch and lock.

Ok, I didn’t learn this today. I learned this like 2 years ago.  I remembered it today.

I remembered it because today I learned that I suck at installing doorknobs.  Especially when the hole is drilled in the wrong place in the door for a latching doorknob.  And when there is no hole drilled for the little latchey thing (which I am guessing probably has a different name than
“latchey thing”).  And when I don’t have a chisel but do have a screwdriver.  And when my door is apparently made of cardboard held together by spit.

It works. It latches. But man is it ugly.

I also learned I don’t like ants in the kitchen.  No wait, I already knew that too.

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