Sorry, no candy for you!

I love my mom … she’s very generous, and tries to think of everyone, which is a wonderful trait.  She lives with us, and always buys a bunch of Halloween candy (we have the front door, she’s got a side entrance nobody goes to, so she gives the candy to us to hand out).  Well, this year, she also bought a huge bag of single-packs of Cheetos “for those kids who can’t have candy.”  Generous?  Absolutely!  Buuutttt ….

…. what parent would take their ‘can’t have candy’ child trick-or-treating?  Just imagine, played out endlessly throughout the night:  “Trick or treat!” “Oh, sorry, Timmy, they only have candy.  There’s nothing here for you.   Maybe the next house will have something other than candy!” … ummm.  You’d have one pretty dejected Timmy on your hands by about the third house.

That said, I’d rather ‘kind but a bit illogical’ over ‘logical but heartless’ anyday!

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