Love of Photoshop

So, in my quest to become a web designer, I’m currently focused on the ‘designer’ part. I’m not afraid of the ‘web’ part – I’ve learned a good chunk of HTML and CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery, I’m in an intro to computer systems class, and a class that’s all about the wonder that is Office 2013. I’ve now built (from scratch) 2 websites, and (from 2 websites, and (from 1 website, and it’s all really really cool.

I think it’s amazing that a bunch of words enclosed by brackets, things like (lol, I had originally put html paragraph brackets here, but I guess wordpress interpreted it as a paragraph and inserted a paragraph break.  Too funny! So the space directly below this paragraph, before the comma followed by ‘and’, that’s a glitch, and I’m leaving it there to remind myself of the unpredictability of the world) …

, and strange conglomerations of characters and words, like “#photo { color: black;” all mean colors and shapes and texts to web browsers. It’s exciting and new, language-within-language. But it doesn’t strike me down with utter and complete joy.

That, in this realm, is the sole province of Photoshop.

I read job listings for the types of jobs I seek to find.  I want to be prepared to meet employer needs, when I’m applying.  Many of these listings call for proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite. So I bought Creative Suite CS6 (yowza! Goodbye, Christmas!), and the Abobe Classroom-in-a-Book series for Dreamweaver, and Photoshop, and In Design, and Illustrator, and I’m working my way through each of the books, one tutorial at a time.

I’ve used Photoshop Elements for a while, on my own, just cobbling together what I knew to do, never instructed on anything. And the version I’ve used is from, like, 1987. Before computers actually existed. It’s sorta like rulers and magic markers for the computer.

But now, I’m learning Photoshop. Actual, real Photoshop. Going through Photoshop, tutorial by tutorial, is … amazing. As someone who loves art, and loves photography, and loves creating wonderful things, Photoshop is this glorious box of treasures, that takes other, beautiful treasures and gives them all these hidden puzzles to unlock.  Or stack on top of each other, while carefully selecting out and removing unwanted elements.

Photoshop is, truly, magic.

Not ‘cool’, not ‘interesting’, not ‘wow, I didn’t know it did that!’. Well, it is those things, but that’s like calling Michelangelo’s Pieta a ‘nice work of art.’ No, it is those things, but it is also breathtakingly wonderful. It’s magical, and I yearn to be the greatest magician of them all.

I love learning new things.

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