Readership, and the Value of the One

Ok, so I decided to put my “# of views” stat on my page, among the widgets, for all to see.  Currently, I believe it’s at 17.

I’m finding there’s something of an odd responsibility/pressure associated with having even one follower … like, if I post one more rambly thing today because it pops into my head and I think in some delusion “Hey, that’d be a good thing to share with other people!”, will my devoted 6 followers (well, technically, I think it’s 5, because I think I’m following myself as well) say “oh, goodness, not her again today!  That’s it, fascinating and witty as she might be, I’m finding someone less prolific!”  Then drop me like a smelly, rotten, potato.

(Non-sequitur … we played a game of ‘hot potato’ at my daughter’s birthday party a few years ago, and we realized partly through the game that the potato we were using was rotten, and lemme tell you, a rotten potato does not smell good.  And so the moral of this story is, check the potato at your daughter’s birthday party BEFORE you play hot potato with it, or everyone’s hands will smell bad for the rest of the day.  That makes the cake less appealing.)

Even my husband looked at my first few posts and was like “uh, no, those are too long.” … lol … feel the love!

Good Sunday morning, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Readership, and the Value of the One

  1. All of the advice I have seen says to post on certain days and to keep your posts to less than around 700 words to keep people interested. That, of course, is a rough estimate and it depends on what you are writing about.

    They also recommend that you have lots of line breaks to create more white space and use pictures (either your own or those you find on sites like Flickr with creative commons licenses). These things should help all your readers with short attention spans.

    As far as posting too often. I follow people who post monthly, weekly, three times a week and multiple times a day. If I’m too busy to keep up, then I skip some posts. The only person I ever stopped following was posting multiple times an hour, all day long. Like 100 posts a day. Maybe I exaggerate, but that’s what it felt like and the content was useless.

    So, if you want to post a couple of times a day, I don’t see anything wrong with that…

    Just my two cents. Hope it helps 🙂

    1. Oh, thank you … yes, it helps very much. 🙂 I find myself throughout the day thinking “oh, that’s funny/interesting/unique … I should write about it. Probably I should filter that … write them down, and if they still look funny/interesting/unique the next day, post them. Otherwise I am perhaps at risk of becoming the “100 times a day” person, I fear. I’m too partial to my own thoughts.

      So maybe I’ll try to focus on daily post: the things I found funny/interesting/unique yesterday, and include the survivors. Of course then it doesn’t prove as effective as a random-study-break method. Hmmm. It’s like a whole new world of exciting options, and I’m like the kid who reached into the barrel of candy and just squeezed my hands shut on everything I could grab. Some of it will fall from my fingers, and I’ll end up with a sensible 2 or 3 pieces by the time I reach the checkout. Just, right now, it all looks so tasty! 🙂

  2. I keep a notebook of all the random thoughts, silly observations, etc that I have each day. Some of them turn into blog posts: like my one about being forgetful (thanks for linking to it by the way!), the idea came when I kept forgetting how to spell a word. I wrote about it in my notebook and later turned it into a much longer post.

    Sometimes, though, if I have a random thought I just want to get out there (Kind of like your post about the bleach, which I thought was pretty funny!) I put it on Twitter. I recently tweeted about how I wished my wine was champagne and the fact that I think I’m clever because I call my cat (whose real name is MoJo) Mr. MoJangles and sometimes I sing to him. Are you on Twitter? If not, it’s a great place for the those random thoughts and you can interact with people instantly–a great study break.

    So, anyway, I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to do things and I don’t want to sound all “know it all” like (I’m a new blogger too!), nor do I want to discourage you from blogging more than once a day. I just wanted to share my thoughts on how I keep my blog structured.

    Have fun with it!

  3. I have a Twitter, but I don’t think I ever knew what to do with it, so it lays there unloved and forgotten. I’ll revise it … the more I write, the more I think about to write. Productivity in any other aspect of life, be damned! But no, you didn’t discourage me from posting more than once a day … you kinda said it’d be ok … I just know myself and worry it’ll be excessive, if I don’t impose some kinds of limits.

    And you’re welcome for reposting your blog, it was not only really funny and well written, it was one of those “hey, she’s writing about me!” things. 🙂

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